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What is Yasubit?

Yasubit is an intelligent platform which provides users a diversity of compression services. Based on our own creation of compression algorithms, we can help users reduce their image, video, audio, text, database, and literally any file type sizes dramatically. We aim to reduce as much file size as possible to lower the cost of storage and bandwidth to users, and to improve the quality and loading speeds of users websites. Our compression platform can also help augment user experience in various devices.

Yasubit compression technology is a combination of very powerful engines. We can not only provide near-lossless compression, to ensure the visual quality of images and videos look the same after compression, but also we provide totally lossless compression services to our clients. With our totally lossless compression services, the compressed files can be decompressed back into the very exact original files, with not even a bit of difference.

Our compression technology has achieved high performance and capabilities in various areas such as Medical/Healthcare industry, Police Department, Big Enterprises, etc. With our compression solutions, we can help our clients to enjoy less storage and bandwidth costs while improving the speed and responsiveness of their enterprises to their users.

How does Yasubit work?

Yasubit is a collection of powerful compression algorithms. It includes both totally lossless compression and near-lossless compression technologies.

Our totally lossless compression takes its steps further than just performing traditional redundancy lowering compression methods, by adding more complex mathematical relationships and detecting more in-depth ways to condense data with the power of AI. With our totally lossless compression algorithms, we can compress files much further than most other compression solutions, while preserving every single bit of data during the whole process.

Yasubit also features near-lossless compression technology, which is used for many popular demands of compressing images, videos, and audio files. Near-lossless means that the resulted compressed media will have almost the same quality of the original media, hardly indistinguishable from its original. We use multidimensional mathematical relationships and data analysis to provide higher compression ratios than our competitors, thanks to the new computational algorithms that we have created through research and development.

Our Advantages

Yasubit has several advantages over the other compression technologies, which make it distinguishable from others. Some of our main advantages are:

Highest Compression Ratios: we provide some of the highest compression ratios in the market. With Yasubit, you can make sure that your files are compressed to the maximum possible edge, without compromising their data and quality.

High-Speed Compression: our compression algorithms enable ultrafast compression processes. Having higher compression ratios usually means slower compression process in the market. However, Yasubit provides the highest compression ratios with highest speeds with lower or the same computational resources.

A wide variety of files supported: Yasubit supports a wide range of file formats with no size and number limits. We provide compression solutions to files such as Images, Videos, Audio, Documents, Databases, Arbitary files, etc.

Security and Stability: stability of compression means ensuring that nothing is missed by mistake during the compression process. We ensure that files are always compressed fully secure.