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Privacy and Terms

Any organization or individual should read these terms carefully before using the Yasubit image compression service. If they do not agree to these terms, they can stop using Yasubit's services. Once used, it will be deemed to have recognized and accepted the entire content of these terms.

  I. The multimedia files compressed by any organization or individual through Yasubit, including temporary URL links generated, are produced and provided by the user or owner (hereinafter referred to as "third-party files"). Yasubit only provides online compression and byte reduction capabilities, and does not and does not reflect any opinions and claims of Yasubit, nor does it mean that Yasubit agrees or supports any content, claims or positions of such third-party documents. Yasubit is not responsible for, and cannot be held responsible for, the legality, accuracy, authenticity, applicability, security, etc. of the contents of third-party files.

  II. The online intelligent compression capabilities provided by Yasubit have to temporarily store third-party files, but Yasubit does not store third-party files for a long time. All files submitted/uploaded by any organization or individual are automatically deleted every 60 minutes. After the file link becomes invalid, please do not rely on the file link provided by Yasubit

  III. No organization or individual may use Yasubit to upload, compress, download, copy, publish, disseminate or reprint the following content:

  1. Opposing the basic principles established by the Constitution;

  2, endanger national security, leak state secrets, subvert state power, and undermine national unity;

  3. Damage to national honor and interests;

  4. Inciting ethnic hatred, ethnic discrimination, and undermining ethnic unity;

  5. Undermine national religious policies and promote cults and feudal superstition;

  6. Spread rumors, disrupt social order, and undermine social stability;

  7. Spreading obscenity, pornography, gambling, violence, murder, terror, or abetting crime;

  8, insulting or slandering others, infringing on the legal rights of others;

  9. Information containing other content prohibited by laws and administrative regulations

  IV. If any organization or individual needs the contents of third-party files (including pictures, audios, videos, documents, links, etc.) and intends to conduct transactions or other actions based on them, they should carefully distinguish the legality and accuracy of these contents , Authenticity, practicality and safety (including whether the contents of downloading third-party files can be infected with computer viruses), and take prudent precautions. If you are not sure whether the content is legal, accurate, truthful, useful and safe, Yasubit recommends that you consult a professional first.

  V. Personal injury or death, property damage (including computer virus infection due to downloading), reputation or damage caused by any organization or individual because of believing and using the information, services, products, etc. in third-party files, or conducting transactions based on this Yasubit is not responsible for incidents such as defamation of goodwill, copyright or intellectual property rights infringement, and the consequences of damage caused by such incidents, and it will not and cannot bear any legal responsibility. It should be the owner of the third-party file bear. Regardless of the reason, Yasubit shall not be liable for any direct, indirect, incidental or derivative losses and liabilities for any transactions and behaviors that do not occur directly with Yasubit.

  VI. If any organization or individual believes that the contents of third-party files obtained through Yasubit services may be suspected of infringing on their legal copyrights, they shall respond in writing to Yasubit in a timely manner in accordance with the "Regulations on the Protection of the Right to Dissemination through Information Networks" and provide corresponding information. Identity certificate, ownership certificate and detailed infringement proof, Yasubit will disconnect the related services of the content as soon as possible after receiving the above documents. If the owner of the disconnected third-party file believes that the Yasubit result of the claimed rights does not infringe the legal copyright of others, he also has the right to send to Yasubit in accordance with the provisions of the "Regulations on the Protection of the Right of Information Network Communication". Opening the link does not violate the counter-notification of the "Regulations on the Protection of the Right to Propagate Information Network". Yasubit reminds you: If your claim of infringement or non-infringement is false, you will bear the relevant legal liabilities in accordance with the "Regulations on the Protection of the Right to Propagate Information Network".

  VII. Yasubit may revise these terms from time to time in accordance with the changes in national laws and regulations and the needs of safeguarding user rights and interests. The changed terms will be clearly marked in the terms and the last update date will be marked through legal procedures.